Wednesday, May 25, 2011

(2) Image & Identity

Earlier I mentioned that I was experiencing some "Big Dreams" that
seemed to point towards a monastic archetype dwelling deep in my
soul. However, moving into dreamwork can be tricky. You are always
walking on fairly slippery ground. Yet, as the Medieval Mystics had
their visions and insights, presumably via contemplation and prayer,
I might dare to say that these special series of dreams were the form
in which I experienced some insight.

In order to glean anything half-way sensible from dreams, of course
one has to remember them, write them down quickly before they are
lost, and especially realize that their language is usually symbolic.
One has to become adept when it comes to dream symbolism.

So this was the situation I faced, trying to become more cognizant
not only with the wherewithal of dreamwork, but also with what I
discovered to be a very well documented examination of the
Archetype. What specialists declare that we are encountering here
is a "Typos" or an "Original Typos." The archetype is imprinted in our
psyche. And if we believe such, well--if mined appropriately--we can
discover the *blueprint* of who we really are, about our personal
map! And in the end I suppose it boils down to an invested faith
when it comes to not only the Archetype but in any spiritual treasure
one might find in the hard dreamwork that is about un-earthing,
mining the soul, in in regard to not only "who" it is, but what it need
be about in terms of a life-course.

Eventually I moved into Typology. I came across an advertisement
put out by a Jesuit retreat center offering a Myers-Briggs Typology
test accompanied by a spiritual interpretation of such. Again--only a
day's drive away, I jumped into my car and took off for the rolling
hills of Pennsylvania.

The Typology retreat was fun. The presenter was a Jesuit priest
and psychologist. I took the type test and discovered my type.
And I could hardly believe it, but the definition of my particular type
described me, my preference, nearly perfectly!

So, to make a long story short, following my dalliance with typology,
I graduated into at least several years studying depth psychology.
Understanding better the individuation process, I worked through
to another level of spiritual experience. By this, I mean that I finally
encountered what psychologists call the "Greater Self." This
involves the discovery that deep within one's soul there dwells
another Personality that is far and beyond the ego-self. And
some have dared to call this Greater Self "God."

My encounter with the Greater Self astounded me. For the very
first time I realized that no matter how I might have planned or
plotted, even if I had a century to do so, there was absolutely *no*
way that I could have wrought the Wisdom and the Goodness I
met upon this occasion. Call if mystical, call it mine!

This special encounter also helped me to accept my deeper
sense of identity. My role was to be a seeker, an explorer,
taking new paths, finding new ways, working into different
paradigms of thinking. All through, follow the Light. And I need
not fear. So it would seem assuming the mantle of a monastic
was just right for the job. But as always with me, it's all easier
said than done,